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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  March 17, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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the-rex and a rubber ducky. i don't know about the penguin. these are symbols. tweet me and tell me what you think. i'm melissa francis. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast. 3:00 in washington where president trump is accusing north korea of "behaving very badly." fox news travels to the north korean border with rex tillerson. he says military action is an option for dealing with a dictator, kim jong-un. >> nothing has been taken off the table. >> shepard: we'll take to chris wallace about this nuclear showdown. also, the head of house intelligence committee getting ready to question the fbi director about president trump's unfounded claims that president obama order wiretapping in trump tower. today is the deadline for the feds to hand over information on any americans they might have caught up in surveillance.
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super human robots are coming. that's according to a futurist who happens to be a top engineer at google. he's giving us an exact year. he claims to have a pretty good track record with his predictions. let's get to it. president trump got the wiretap question a short time ago during a joint news conference with the german chancellor, angela merkel. it came from a german reporter. the president is apparently standing by his claim that the white house ordered wiretapping of trump tower under president obama. he referred to information from wikileaks showing that chancellor merkel was wiretapped. >> as far as wiretapping, i guess by this past administration, at least we have something in common perhaps. [laughter]
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in other words, that they were both wiretapped when there's no evidence of that. the president could learn first hand whether the building which he lives was wiretapped. all he would have to do is ask the intelligence services. they work for him. judge andrew napolitano commented on the morning show "fox and friends" that he has sources that say british intelligence that was involved at surveillance at trump tower. our white house team will have more from that in just a moment. fox news cannot confirm judge napolitano's commentary. fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the president of the united states was surveilled at any time in any way full stop. the fbi director james comey could soon provide definitive answers and potential russian links. comey has avoided comments on the issue.
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monday he will appear before the house intelligence committee for an open hearing, or that's the schedule. fox news channel will carry it live. it's time for the fbi or c.i.a. to hand over any americans that might have been accidentally spied on during the presidential campaign. this came from the republican devin nunes and the democrat adam schiff. it's part of the committee's investigation into recent intelligence community leaks involving aides to president trump. one of those leaks involved the former national security advisor michael flynn. he resigned or was fired depending on which explanation you'd like to believe, last month after surveillance of his phone calls revealed that he lied about his conversation with a russian ambassador. there may have been more. while democrats pushed into an investigation of ties with russia, republicans argue that the leaking of classified information is of greater concern. our chief intelligence correspondence catherine herridge is life in washington.
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>> the house intelligence committee invited five witnesses but two confirming they will be under oath on that day. fbi james comey and nsa director mike rogers speaking publicly for the first time about the russian investigation and allegations of wiretapping. this matters bus both men have first hand information of any criminal investigation and whether there were surveillance orders that went beyond what we know already with mike flynn. whether information was picked up through incidental collection. that will be a key issue monday. incidental collection happens when a foreign target like the russian ambassador is tracked and phone calls and texts of an american are picked up. based on our reporting, that's how mike flynn's communications were captured. but there's very strict rules nor protecting the identity of an american and the committee is asking whether the rules were followed to the letter, shepard.
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>> shepard: so the intelligence agencies have a deadline today. will they meet it? >> the committee sent a bipartisan letter to the c.i.a. and nsa asking them to explain who in the last administration identifies or unmasked americans whose phone calls were captured in surveillance operations. this request applies to members of the clinton and trump campaign. >> i've been very clear about the incidental collection on general flynn, how that was put into a product, how it was unmasked, how it was leaked to the public, several crimes have been committed here. >> a second hearing is on the calendar pencilled in with former obama administration officials, the director of national intelligence, james clapper who oversees the agencies, john brennan and the former acting attorney general sally yates who was fired by president trump over the travel ban. this group also has first hand knowledge of the investigation
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and they can also explain how the last white house dealt with these issues and lawmakers we expect will test whether their actions were appropriate or perhaps politically driven in this case, shep. >> shepard: walk us through this incidental collection and why that may be crucial today. >> we talked a lot about it on your show and very early into this, which was totally the right move. but it's really worth sort of decoding it. when the u.s. government is tracking a foreign target like a russian ambassador, they don't actually need to go to a fisa court because they're not an american citizen. they is surveil or trap their communications. so phone calls, text messages, e-mails. but in the process, they pick up who is on the other end of the phone or on the other end of the e-mail exchange or on the other end of the text. that's called incidental collection. in this case, what we know from our reporting is that there was incidental collection. at least with mike flynn and
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perhaps others, which is what the committee is trying to get to. >> shepard: catherine herridge. more on the news conference that just wrapped up with president trump and the german chancellor, angela merkel. it was tense. kevin corke is at the white house. >> intense indeed. it was interesting to listen to a german reporter that asked angela merkel a question about the president's so-called isolationist policies. because the president is able to listen to that question in english in his earpiece, he wanted to respond almost immediately. he rejected the notion that his policies, whether about refugees or trade and tax policy, are isolationist. the president in fact went so far as to call that reporter fake news, which obviously got quite a reaction in the room. it was just part of what was a very heated exchange or disappointed exchange. it's interesting to hear the president respond to the notion of wiretapping as you point out
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at the very top of the broadcast. the president's white house staff had been referencing a claim made, as you pointed out by fox news correspondent judge andrew napolitano. the fox news division -- this is important -- has yet to be able to verify that claim. so because we can't verify that claim, we can't take more out of that than what the man said. there's been push back by the britts and given that angela merkel herself had been wiretapped by president obama, we learned about that during the snowden nsa situation, it was a very interesting commentary. you heard the president himself say that he and the german chancellor had something in common. shep? >> we said nothing. all we did was quote a certain very talented legal mind who was the one responsible for saying that on television. i didn't make an opinion on it. that was a statement made by a very talented lawyer on fox.
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you shouldn't be talking to me. talk to fox. >> okay. what he's saying is, this information was out in the public domain. we at the white house don't make a specific claim to it's voracity. i think that was a point hammered home here today. it was a very interesting news conference nonetheless. >> shepard: the words came from sean spicer. we have not reported on that on this program or any fox news program. it was on the morning show, not fox news. to wrap things up, kevin, thanks to you. fox news knows of no evidence of any kind that the was surveilled. it feels off the rails. >> well, you have to ask why is the president continuing to put his force behind this idea, that there was wiretapping. why would sean spicer assert one of the most important communications positions in the world that the british might have helped surveil trump tower during the election.
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i don't know the president's motives. but at a time when there's question about the president's people in his orbit, having contacts with the russians, if you say this kind of thing, maybe it turns other people into bad actors or raises questions about the motives of the intelligence community. that is churning up material about mr. trump and the russians. which, by the way, again, not only is there no evidence of wiretapping at trump tower, but there's no evidence of collusion between president trump -- the people around him and the russians. >> shepard: did anyone suggest there was collusion? we haven't reported that here. >> we haven't reported that either but we've seen reports in the media. >> shepard: i haven't. i don't pay attention to what they're saying. the questions are simple. what were the conversations about, did anybody break the law and these are questions that -- to which we cannot get answers. your newspaper has been asking them, all the major newspapers have been asking them, all the major white house reporters have
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been asking them. the white house refuses to answer them. if the white house would answer the questions, this could go away or could become something bigger. one or the other. >> that's why this hearing monday with james comey is so important. because our paper has reported that there are -- that it's come to the attention that intelligence officials that there were contacts between trump -- people in trump's orbit during the campaign and russians. other media beyond us have gone further in asserting contacts saying those contacts were repeated. we haven't reported that. the fbi has never confirmed in public any kind of investigation and the fbi has never spoken publicly to support or refute the president's claims about wiretapping at trump tower. when james comey takes the chair monday, we'll expect him to say something about those two big questions. whatever he says is bound to be news. >> sounds like the britts are
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angry. headlines around the world that this assertion from the white house podium really riled them up. >> that's right. this wiretapping claim created another distraction and a bit of an international incident in the court of trying to support the president's claim that there was wiretapping al trump tower. sean spicer said the britts might have helped them. they said it's ridiculous and should be ignored and asked the white house not to repeat that assertion. >> shepard: secretary of state rex tillerson says nothing is off the board when it comes to preemptory strikes. rich edson has a live report coming up and the rest of the day's news still to come.
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>> the united states is willing to launch military strikes against north korea to stop the dictator kim jong-un from advancing his nuclear program. that's from the secretary of state rex tillerson in south korea. he declared patience has ended and all options are on the table when it comes to reigning in kim jong-un including military action. >> certainly we do not want to -- for things to get to a military conflict. we're clear on that in our communications. but obviously if north korea
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takes actions that threatens the south korean forces or our own forces, that will be met with an appropriate response. >> secretary tillerson ruled out any talks with north korea unless it gives up their nuclear weapons first and president trump is ramping up his own rhetoric. he tweeted, north korea is behaving very badly. they have been plaguing the united states for years. china has done little to help. china is rex tillerson's next stop. he's settle to land in beijing tomorrow. analysts say the trump administration may be trying to assure our allies ahead of that trip. north korea has defied the international community by launching ballistic missiles and stepping up their nuclear weapons program. the latest launch was last week. u.s. officials say north korea fired four ballistic missiles in the sea of japan and landed 200 miles off the japanese coast. state run media released video of the launch and images of kim
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jong-un watching, looking at things during north korean propaganda events. the lawn was in respond to annual drills that the u.s. and south korea are holding. north korean officials say they believe the exercises are practice for an invasion of their country. when the united states -- i should say, when the u.s.s. carl vinson arrived in south korea this week, north korea warned of merciless attacks. secretary tillerson visited u.s. troops along the dmz. rich edson was there and has an interview with secretary tillerson steps from the north korean border. we'll have arrive report in just a moment. first, images of secretary tillerson's visit along the tmz. you can see secretary tillerson standing with a north korean and u.s. military commanders as
12:18 pm
soldiers look on from across the border. this shows him writing a message to soldiers on a wall at the dmz. you can see north korean soldiers staring across the border back at them. that's a north korean soldier. these are demonstrationed in seoul protesting secretary tillerson's visit. rich edson has returned from the border and is live in seoul. rich? >> shep, the secretary of state says he wanted to get as close to where north korean and south korean forces face each other, just a few feet from one another. he accomplished that today. that's where we spoke to him in an exclusive interview when we asked him when it comes to changing the approach of north korea, does the united states rule out the idea that u.s. allies, japan and south korea, should beef up their forces here, including nuclear weapons. >> are you discussing or are these options on the table? a nuclearization of the
12:19 pm
peninsula as was discussed during the campaign? >> we're exchanging views as did in japan with prime minister abe. i'm exchanging views with the leadership with the republican of korea as well as to our views on various approaches that can be taken. >> but not ruling out either of those options? >> nothing has been taken off the table. >> the secretary of state said the reaction that china has had thus far, to what north korea has been doing, the development of nuclear weapons and the ballistic missile program is troubling and inappropriate. he's going to have an opportunity to address that personally in just a few hours from now. that's when he will leave seoul for the final stop on this east asian trip when he goes to beijing. he and the trump administration has opinion pushing china to do more to curb north korea's aggression. that trip continues the last couple days here, shep. >> shepard: rich edson early this saturday morning in seoul,
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>> shepard: more now on the white house warning to north cree that nothing is off the table, including military action if the north threatens the u.s. or south korea. let's to to "fox news sunday" anchor, chris wallace. this is nothing new here, is it? >> no. the rhetoric may be tougher, but no u.s. president will ever say i'm going to take the military option off the table. you would look weak. there's a reason for the trump administration and secretary tillerson to say the old efforts haven't worked. they clearly haven't worked. north korea continues to develop
12:24 pm
their nuclear program and continues to test ballistic misses and trying to develop an icbm that could go to north korea and at least strike the western coast of the united states. we'd be crazy if we weren't alarmed about that and wanted to find an answer trying to buy off the north koreans as it were, trying to work with the region has president worked, trying to get pressure from the sponsor of north korea, china, hasn't worked. now we're taking about a military option, not a strike, but the possibility of anti-ballistic missiles in japan, the possibility at least of japan developing some nuclear program, same with south korea. this isn't a bad arsenal for secretary tillerson to take to beijing in his meeting to say look, the old plans aren't going to work, this president is to be much tougher. you have to help us avoid award. >> the other matter is the
12:25 pm
unfounded claims of the president by wiretapping at trump tower. the best of our reporting, there's no evidence to suggest that it happened. is there a way out for the president? have you heard a discussion of a way out for the president? >> well, one thing he could do is stop talking about it. you know, what was so interesting to a lot of folks is that in the interview with tucker carlson on wednesday, the president and then yesterday in his press briefing, sean spicer, the white house spokesman, they doubled down on this. they're backing off a little bit. they're not saying maybe it wasn't wiretapping, maybe it was surveillance. but they don't want to seem to find a way out of this. i can tell you, there's a lot of frustrated republicans in the building behind me that say this president has a really ambitious legislative agenda. he's got a tough battle on his hands to get obama, repeal and replace through and after that the budget and tax reform and
12:26 pm
infrastructure and getting money to build the wall. they can't waste time and can't waste effort and support on issues like this that seem to be questionable at best. >> shepard: yet on tucker carlson, he gave this story two more weeks of life at least. >> yeah. you know, he said not only that he stands by it, but he have information to give to one of the intelligence committees that is supposedly going to be new information that none of us know about. if that is not forthcoming, then that's only going to add to the stakes. an old saying, when you're in a hole, stop digging. they don't seem to believe in that at the white house. >> shepard: what did you make in the body language of angela merkel? looked that he was going to reach out to her. it was awkward, wasn't it? >> well, yeah, i got to say that they really talked past each other. these two are dramatically divided on the issue of
12:27 pm
engagement with russia and whether or not not to trust vladimir putin. they're dramatically divided on the issue of the european union. remember that donald trump was an advocate of brexit, britain pulling out of the european union. he doesn't have much use for the big international organizations. they're big on immigration. angela merkel led hundreds of thousands of syrians into germany. the president wants to prevent that. they didn't talk about it much. the only time that donald trump seemed to reach out is on the issue of wiretapping. he said on that issue and the previous administration, wiretapping the chancellor and i have something in common. of course, we do know that and in fact president obama apologized for it, that they were tapping her phone during the obama administration. one of the things that i have to say is the very hostile questioning from the german media on the question of fake news and attacks by the media
12:28 pm
and the -- >> shepard: you thought the reporter was hostile? >> i thought they were pretty tough. trump thought he was tough. here's my only point. they seem completely conversant. those weren't issues involving the u.s. and germany. these were issues of domestic american politics. i'm not saying it was wrong but it was interesting the german reporters wanted to get in it with donald trump. he was perfectly happy to get in it with them. in fact, accused one of the german reporters of fake news when she asked him about being an isolationist. >> shepard: i thought it was more interesting that the american reporters didn't ask the questions than it was that they did. i was thankful they did. he needs to be on the record about this. we need to know what it is. it's out there too long and very divisive, don't you think? >> yeah, it is interesting that merkel chooses the german reporters. president trump chooses the american reporters to ask the questions. >> shepard: that worked out like
12:29 pm
that worked out. thank you, chris. look for you this sunday on "fox news sunday." chris with an exclusive interview with paul ryan about the republican healthcare bill and the budget plan. the house intelligence committee chairman devin nunes has been in the news a lot with the russian interference with the collection and possible ties to donald trump and that president trump's claim that president obama ordered wiretapping on trump tower. russia is a big topic as president trump meets with angela merkel. the same leader that president trump said ruined germany. what happened when they came face to face? you'll see. tech: at safelite, we know how busy your life can be.
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12:32 pm
at israeli war planes. it's unclear if missiles hit the planes. israeli media said they were targeting a weapons convoy. investigators in new york city say a suspect is facing murder charges after he ran over a woman with her own ambulance. police say the emt jumped out of the vehicle when she noticed a man on back of the ambulance. they say that he got behind the wheel and backed over the woman. city officials say 44-year-old yadira was the mother of father and 14-year veteran of the fire department. in raleigh, north carolina, a fire that destroyed an apartment building overnight still smoldering this morning. fire officials say it also damaged about ten other buildings. local media reports that one firefighter was hurt. the news continues on fox news channel after this. u have to fe. your core. trubiotics a probiotic from one a day naturally helps support both your digestive and immune health by combining... ... two types of good bacteria.
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12:35 pm
that news conference with the german chancellor angela merkel, he said it was coming together beautifully. earlier today he claimed to have changed his mind about a dozen conservative republicans who had been against the bill. >> these are folks that were either a no or a maybe. all of these nos were potential nos are all yeses, every person sitting in this room is now a yes. >> there is still dissension in the bill. members of the conservative house freedom caucus say they oppose the legislation. many republican senators say it has no chance of passing in that chamber. four republican governors wrote a letter to the senate majority leader, mitch mcconnell and paul ryan asking for medicaid flexibility in the bill.
12:36 pm
in other words, they want medicaid expansion to end early. that would cost a lot of people money. the bill may head to the house floor for a vote as early as thursday of next week. our main man on capitol hill is mike emanuel. he's live with more. what is the deal here? sounds like they want to take the medicaid expansion that is not suppose to end in 2019 and end it in 2018. >> a lot of horse trading trying to get the votes. speaker ryan and top trump administration officials. mark walker talked about some of the changes that he likes allowing the states to block grant medicaid and imposing a work requirement for those able-bodied and receive medicaid and ensures that tax credits are not used for abortions. walker says based on that, he can vote for the plan. speaker paul ryan did some conservative outreach himself.
12:37 pm
>> we're de-federal ing one entitlement and capping growth. that's incredible. and then another entitlement, we're repealing. this -- obamacare is an open-ended subsidy that we're repealing and replacing with longstanding tax policy. >> today there's a college basketball reference between the house majority and the democratic whip over this healthcare plan. >> i would hope though that we would not have march madness on this floor next week. there will be no upsets. >> yeah. >> very rare lighter moment in the house. >> an conflict with the republicans. >> between the house and senate, we have senators that are very outspoken about healthcare. tom cotton, ted cruz, rand paul. a house republican from pennsylvania said to the senators to back off. >> if i hear one more senator
12:38 pm
tell me this is dead on arrival, my head is going to explode. i heard that a million times now. that certainly is not something that many members of the house are finding appetizing. >> likely to be a tense week next week on capitol hill as healthcare reform takes some critical steps in the house. shep? >> shepard: mike emanuel live for us in the chamber there. thank you. more now on president trump meeting angela merkel. the two leaders coming face to face for the first time. the german chancellor noting people are different and have different abilities. when asked about dealing with president trump compared to obama. the two leaders have had very different views on a range of issues. on russia, merkel said relations needs to be improve but first they have to solve the situation in ukraine. germany has led the way or penalties for russian invasion of ukraine. president trump has suggested easing u.s. sanctions against
12:39 pm
moscow. president trump spoke on nato. he said he pushed hard for the european nations to pay their fair share towards that alliance and on the refugee crisis, president trump said immigration is a privilege and not a right. in the past, he a counted the chancellor of ruining germany, called her refugee policy a disaster and said the german people would end up overthrowing her. analysts say today was a chance to start fresh. let's bring in a foreign affairs correspondent for politco. looked chummy to you? >> i'm sorry? did it look chummy? no, they didn't look like they got along that well. they're polls aport on issues. i don't think it was chummy. seemed frosty. >> shepard: i wonder if he had an opportunity to take back some of the things he said before. >> did not seem like he was willing to do that. this is a president that likes
12:40 pm
to double down instead of admit any regret or mistakes. i do think that chancellor merkel seemed very much to want to try to find some common ground on certain areas. i don't see where they quite did that. >> shepard: from your reporting, where might the common ground be found? >> i think that the fact that germany is increasing its spending on defense. it's something that go a long way of demands that more nato members spend 2% of their gdp on defense. that's something that she can point to. they can still work together on battling isis to border security. she agrees you have to have strong borders. there's some areas of commonality that i think going forward they can work on. another big question though is trade and how they can come to a meaning of the minds on that particular issue. >> shepard: yeah, it seems like trade would be one of the top
12:41 pm
issues for chancellor merkel today. just from the looks of things there, you wonder how they get started. he didn't even want to look at her in the photo op. >> shepard: at one point, she didn't shake her hand. it's hard to fell if he was ignoring or or couldn't hear her. when it comes to trade, some of trump's aides are upset there's a trade deficit with germany. they suggested bilateral did contributions. they say we do our trade through the european union. deal with them. there's a lot of difference there's that need to be bridged. it could take a long time. i don't know what's going to happen. >> nahal, thanks so much. >> thanks. >> shepard: a russian spy ship is sitting about 100 miles off the coast of georgia. that's georgia, u.s.a., east coast, georgia. the ship had been loiters near
12:42 pm
u.s. navy submarine base there the last few days. the base is in kings bay about 35 miles north of jacksonville, which is obviously in florida but on the georgia border. you can see i mean. officials say they first spotted the ship off the coast of delaware last month and made its way to jacksonville. president trump not backing down from the new travel ban after two federal judges blocked it. he was said to be furious and fuming over that. but what are his options? that's next.
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>> seems somebody stole a laptop that belongs to the secret service. somebody is trying to get it back. according to an abc news report, the laptop has on it floor plans for trump tower, details on the criminal investigation into
12:46 pm
hillary clinton's private e-mail server and other national security information. whoever took it might not get much info. these laptops have security features to prevent anybody there logging in. officials are trying to wide the hard drive remotely if possible. an appeal is coming soon. that's the promise from the white house after two federal judges blocked the president's new travel ban. in their decision, judges in hawaii and maryland used the president's own words to rule against him arguing that his public comments indicate the travel ban is targeting muslims. that apparently includes this comment that he made on the campaign trail. >> donald trump is calling for a complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. we can't live like this. it's going to get worse and worse. you'll have more world trade centers. it's going to get worse and worse, folks. we could be politically correct and we can be stupid. >> shepard: complete and total muslim ban.
12:47 pm
this comes as the federal judge in seattle who blocked the first travel ban has decided not to extend his ruling to the revised immigration order. he says it's different enough that he can't carry-over his decision but he will make a separate ruling on whether to apply a new restraining order. jonathan hunt has this. what are the most likely options for the president now? >> well, we now know, shep, we have breaking news on this. we have just in the past couple minutes confirmed the white house has indeed filed a notice to appeal in the fourth circuit court. that is the court that will deal with the ruling in maryland. so that has just come down from the white house now. confirmation that they're going to appeal to challenge the ruling by the judge in maryland. we may well get as well a notice to appeal the decision from the judge in hawaii. that would go to the ninth circuit. you might remember that president trump, the last time
12:48 pm
around, lost in the 9th circuit. that would probably be the reason why this time they're going to the fourth circuit, which is based in richmond, virginia. there are those that have argued that the trump administration should not go to these circuit courts but should just wait for the security nominee, neil gorsuch to be confirmed and taken straight to the court. but if they wait, it undermines the argument that this is an urgent national security issue. that's one of the reasons they're going straight to the circuit court. >> shepard: the judges are citing the president's own words. >> yeah. very interesting. you played that clip in your intro. the one that we remember of donald j. trump calling for a complete muslim ban to the
12:49 pm
united states and both judges reference that and other comments by some of his advisors at the time such as former new york major rudy guliani. the judge in the maryland case, for instance said "the national security purpose is not the primary purpose of the travel ban." in his ruling in hawaii, judge watson said "any reasonable objective observer would conclude as does the court for purposes of the instant motion for temporary restraining order that the stated secular purpose of the executive order is at the very least secondary to a religious objective of temporarily suspending the entry of muslims." so both judges concluding in effect, shep, that this travel ban was driven by a religious
12:50 pm
bias and therefore unconstitutional. the trump administration will fight that in the fourth circuit court, possibly in the ninth circuit to appeal the hawaii decision as well. it's going to be a long and tough legal fight, shep. >> shepard: thanks, jonathan. machines will be smarter than humans in years. but the futurist claims this says don't worry about it. they're not growing to take over the world. hang on. fun in art class.
12:51 pm
come close, come close. ah. when your pain reliever stops working, your whole day stops. awww. try this. for minor arthritis pain, only aleve is fda approved to work for up to 12 straight hours with just one pill. thank you. come on everybody. aleve. live whole. not part. check this sunday's newspaper and save over $20 on products from aleve.
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>> in just 12 years, it says here computers will be as smart as we are. that's the word from ray -- what's his last name? kurtzweil. other tech leaders have said it will take longer than that.
12:54 pm
30 years or something. but he says eventually our brains will connect directly to the cloud. as a futurist, he claims he's got 86% of his nearly 150 predictions correct. trace gallagher has this. the computers have been smarter than i am since 1971. >> yeah, join the club. initially ray said this wouldn't happen for at least 30 years. now he's moving up his own time line. the official term for computers having human intelligence is singula singularity. he argues and many agree computers are better than us at things like recognizing images and understanding languages. he says when singularity happens, it won't just be for the wealthy. >> 20 years ago, a phone was like a brick. didn't work well. now they work well, do a million different things, extend our
12:55 pm
brains. there's two billion of them in the world. there will be five billion in a few years. everybody has them. >> he says when we merge with computers, we won't just have access to more information. we'll actually be smarter. people like bill gates, elon musk and stephen hawking warned about computers taking over. ray says it will give us an opportunity to improve because we can connect our brains to the cloud. he believes we're going to get funnier, sexier and better musicians. because computers have the power to increase memories, people with parkinsons are already putting them in their brains. so instead of computers taking over the world, he vision as future where computers complement human beings. he said that fire cooks our food but it also burns down houses. we just have to be careful.
12:56 pm
shep? >> shepard: thanks, trace. coming up in boston, they're celebrating two holidays. st. patrick's day and another because of what happened on this day in history. hang tight. trust #1 doctor recommended dulcolax. use dulcolax tablets for gentle dependable relief. suppositories for relief in minutes. and dulcoease for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax. designed for dependable relief.
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for you. in boston. and on this march but to george washington for
1:00 pm
kicking out the brits, 241 years ago today. should news break out we'll break in. hope you have a great weekend. your world is coming up next. as always with neil, trish is in for him today. . >> president trump: we met with 12 pretty much nos in congress you saw that awhile ago. they went from all nos to a lot of yeses. we have a lot of yeses coming in, it's all coming together. >> from no to yes is the president becoming the deal maker in chief? >> this is your world. we're going to speak to one of the law makers that happened to be in that room with the president in just a moment. first i want to go to blake berman who is at the white house where the president has been doing a little bit of arm twisting it sounds like. blake how is it going? >> a little arm twisting, negotiating,